Semifinales: Resumen de FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF (0-1)

Objavljeno 6. jun. 2021
Semifinales: Resumen de FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF (0-1)

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  • That barca guy is more selfish than zaha

  • They play better than arsenal

  • Barcelona you lose❌ Villareal you win✔️

  • ❤️GLORIA A DIOS ❤️🙏..

  • new Chukwueze

  • From iraq with love 🌴🇮🇶🕊 *Força Barça 🔵🔴*

  • Nuevo Moise Kean 😍

  • Congratulations Villarreal, WELL DESERVED Villarreal better cantera than "la masia"

    • This tournament and the others? They may not have done very well but the masia is better

    • @amere dafeIs better la masia other time, where have players like Messi come from? It's only a example but, there are many opinions 💁‍♀️

    • If you think it's about winning competitions in this level, then I feel pity for you

    • @Laura Morera Salas 1:0 villareal won all matches and la masia lost against getafe and villareal 2 times Group Stage Villareal 2:0 Barcelona Group Stage Getafe 1:0 Barcelona

    • Is better la masia

  • ¿Cuanto duran estos partidos?

  • Дембеле сука как всегда промазал:) 😂🗿

  • Pero el barça no quedo campeón?

    • @Jesus Ovenpro08 a

    • @Adrian Proca bro el anterior era de alevines este era de infantiles

    • @feddeee10 pero porque se hace 2 veces?

    • La semana pasada si hoy gano el Villarreal 0-2 la final al Sevilla

  • not deserved

  • That’s U?

  • I am 15 and i want to play for barça C

    • @Samuel VdlH yes

    • good luck bro I believe in you

    • No one asked you

    • Ok